Stupid Way To Read Web Novel Offline

I like reading wuxia web novel, but when the web novel already release chapters, reading them become long and costly, especially when I don’t have internet at home.

I write this article based on my experience when I download and read wuxia web novel offline.

Reading Web Novel Offline Reading Web Novel Offline

Lets go to the point.

You want to read whole story ICDS ( from OFFLINE. Since the story don’t need javascript and don’t have pictures, we don’t want to waste our data package to download them.


  • Download manager (IDM)
  • Text Editor (like editplus) with find and replace all opened files or all files in directory ability

How to:

  1. Download the chapters using batch download. Save them in one directory, ex: “icds”

    Batch Download Settings with IDM

  2. Download the main stylesheet, you can ignore other files. Save them inside the web novel (“icds”) directory
  3. Now open all files and using find and replace tools.
    Search for and replace with style.css

  4. For Link to Next Chapter, find and replace string for example, this string <a href=””>Next Chapter</a>

    • Replace with null/blank
    • Replace  /”>Previous with .html”>Previous (adding the html extension)
    • also Replace  /”>Next with .html”>Next
      make sure you turn on or include the case sensitive option.
  5. Also find and replace string http with httpx to prevent web page accessing online files. Sometime, online files not using http but // – I recommend to replace this too.
  6. Open the file in directory by drag them to browser to read.


Another tips for you who know css, you can modify the style.css to adjust the font size, font color and the background, or hidden unnecessary elements.

My style.css example:

/* My Custom Styles – Add in the end of file */
*, html, body {font-size: 20px !important; color:lightgray; background:#1d1c1c!important;}
header#masthead, aside#ai_widget-30, #secondary, .beforeCommentsPage, #comments, .widget-area , #footer-wide {visibility: hidden; display: none;}
.hentry {width: 1200px !important; margin: 0 !important; padding: 0 !important; }

Will result in the top screenshot above.

With this as base, you can read any web novel in the world. As long as the URLs in sequence 🙂

Happy reading!


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