Messages To Abused Children Anywhere

This messages taken from JDorama Marumaru Tsuma Episode 3 as Closing message of the news program for abused children anywhere.

Hear them!

To those children who are being abused at this moment, I can only tell you this.

Little children might not be watching a news program like this one, but if even just one of them is watching.

I want to tell you this.

Right now you are in a long, dark hell, that we can’t even begin to imagine.

Towards the parents who really should be protecting you more than anyone but are using violence against you.

You might be thinking, “it’s because I’ve been a bad child that this is happening.”
You might be thinking, “I don’t even deserve to live.”

But! Those thoughts are wrong!

You… haven’t done anything wrong.
The terrible ones are your parents!
The people who try to dominate those who are weak or who disobey them are cowards trying to run away from painful reality!

That’s why it’s not necessary to hold back because of guys such as that!

Get out of that situation right now and tell the police or the neighbors and get help even one minute sooner!
Confide honestly with them about the terrible treatment you’ve received!

If your parents are telling you,”just die” or “it would have been better if you hadn’t been born”…

Those are all just lies!

You’re a wonderful human being who has a value in living.

There are people in this world who will definitely be your allies!

The day will surely come when your present sadness will be rewarded!

If I were a movie hero…

I’d want to fly right over to you and hug you

But my arms are too short

That’s why you have to open the door to your house and fly out it!
Open that door!
Climb over the fence!
Smash through walls if you have to!!

I will be praying that as many children as possible
Will be having bright dreams of their future tomorrow.

Good night.


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